Drexel High School Alumni 

                  Drexel, North Carolina

1937 - 1974

In 1989, a festival was held in downtown Drexel, North Carolina at which time some of the members of the festival committee decided to incorporate a Drexel High School Alumni Homecoming.

During the planning for this homecoming, it was decided to begin a scholarship to honor a great educator and honorable man, Harry L. Hallyburton.  Mr Hallyburton was the principal of Drexel High School for many years and was one of the community's outstanding citizens.  Mr. Hallyburton was loved and respected by his family, his students, his friends, and his community.  In order to maintain this fund; The Drexel Alumni Association was formed.  A few years later, the association was able to start another scholarship program honoring a special teacher, Mrs. Faye T. Russell. 

All former students, graduates, and friends of the Drexel Schools are encouraged to join this association.

The collective body of 36 classes of Drexel High School Alumni gathered at the R.O. Huffman Community Center in August of 2012for a "Mega Reunion".  There was alumni from each graduating class beginning with 1937 and ending with the class of 1974.  No class graduated in 1946 due to a change in the law.  Students who would have graduated after finishing the 11th grade had to return for the 12th grade.  Due to consolidation, 1974 was the last graduating class at Drexel High School.